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Bumblebee Movie – Bumblebee Premium Scale Action Figur

TF-Real Movies 3A und Habsro bringen zusammen die Bumblebee Premium Scale Action Figur heraus. Dazu haben wir jetzt hier die Bilder und Informationen.


– Officially Licensed by Hasbro and TakaraTomy
– Approximately 14 inches Tall
– 90 Points of Articulation
– Die-cast Metal Frame
– LED Illuminated Eyes, Headlights, and Stinger Blaster
– Ability to switch between Standard Blue or Retaliation Mode Red eye color
– Articulated Ab Panel with Cassette Player Detailing!


– Interchangeable Head with Battlemask and Standard Head
– Interchangeable Right Arm with Stinger Blaster and Standard Right Arm
– Interchangeable Folded and Opened Back Wings
– Detachable Stinger Sword
– Articulated Hands
– Total of 4 pairs of interchangeable eyebrows parts (normal eyebrows x 1pair, angry eyebrows x 1 pair, sad eyebrows x 1 pair, squinting eyebrows x 1 pair)

3-A-Bumblebee-Premium-01 3-A-Bumblebee-Premium-02 3-A-Bumblebee-Premium-03 3-A-Bumblebee-Premium-04 3-A-Bumblebee-Premium-05


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Transformers Studio Series SS-44 Leader Dark Of The Moon Optimus Prime

TF-Real Movies Jetzt zeigen wir euch neue Bilder vom Transformers Studio Series SS-44 Leader Dark Of The Moon Optimus Prime. Er ist ein Retool vom SS-32 Voyager Optimus Prime, aber mit viel mehr Zubehör.

SS-44-DOTM-Optimus-Prime-01 SS-44-DOTM-Optimus-Prime-02 SS-44-DOTM-Optimus-Prime-03 SS-44-DOTM-Optimus-Prime-04 SS-44-DOTM-Optimus-Prime-05

Quelle: Transformers Universe Thailand

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Transformers Studio Series SS-42 Voyager Long Haul

TF-Real Movies Hier haben wir neue Bilder vom Transformers Studio Series SS-42 Voyager Long Haul.

SS-42-Long-Haul-01 SS-42-Long-Haul-02 SS-42-Long-Haul-03 SS-42-Long-Haul-04 SS-42-Long-Haul-05 SS-42-Long-Haul-06 SS-42-Long-Haul-07 SS-42-Long-Haul-08 SS-42-Long-Haul-09

Quelle: Autobase Aichi

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Transformer Studio Serie #42 Voyager Long Haul

TF-Real Movies Hier ist eine Video Review vom Transformer Studio Serie #42 Voyager Long Haul.

Quelle: TonTon Review

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Transformers Studio Series SS-42 Revenge Of The Fallen Long Haul

TF-Real Movies Hier haben wir ein erstes Bild vom Transformers Studio Series SS-42 Revenge Of The Fallen Long Haul in Voyager Größe.


Quelle: TransFans

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Transformers Bumblebee Movie 2

TF-Real Movies Produzent Lorenzo di Bonaventura hat nun darüber gesprochen, das es wohl keinen Optimus Prime Movie geben wird. Viel eher wird es es zwei Charakter Film mit Optimus Prime und Bumblebee.

“I do not intend to do Optimus’ solo film. In the sequel to Bumblebee, I’m thinking of two characters, Optimus and Bumblebee. That way, Bumblebee can do something with Optimus.”

Lorenzo hat erklärt, dass der Kumpelfilm höchstwahrscheinlich wie Lethal Weapon sein wird. Er erwähnte auch, dass die Rolle von Optimus größtenteils der Rolle von Danny Glovers von Roger Murtaugh entspricht.

“When I heard that the movie ‘Bumblebee’ will be made, I was wondering what Optimus would think. Bumblebee was supposed to be Optimus’ sidekick. That’s why I want to write about Optimus as I drew him in Bumblebee in detail.”

Und er spricht davon, das Transformers Bumblebee 2 ein bisschen mehr von ‘Beyhem’ hat.

“…the audience had asked us several times, in different ways, ‘I want to get to know a Transformer better.” We did that. In some respects, definitely a tip to what the audience had said to us. The interesting part is when you set out to do something like that, you don’t exactly know the ramifications of it. In this case, the ramification of it was, for the people who didn’t love the movie, was not enough action. Because you’re telling a more intimate story, therefore you can’t.” stated the producer.

“Several lessons have come out of this. One is that we have the freedom to tell almost any story. The other is that, how strongly the audience identified with the strength of character and emotion. I know the next Transformer, our attempt anyway, is to sort of do a fusion of Bumblebee and the Bay movies…a little more Bayhem. And a little bit more of the character falling in love within the emotional dynamic of the movie. One of the things I want to do—and I hope we pull it off—is, we did it with Bumblebee because he’s so cute and he’s so accessible, but he can’t talk. I think the more human we can make these characters, the more people are going to like them.”



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Studio Series Deluxe Welle 7, Voyager Welle 6 & 7 und Leader Welle 3

TF-Real Movies Hier sind die Art Works der Verpackungen folgenden Studio Series Figuren:

Studio Series Deluxe Welle 3 – SS-46 Dropkick
Studio Series Deluxe Welle 3 – SS-47 Constructicon Hightower
Studio Series Voyager Welle 6 – SS-37 Contructicon Rampage
Studio Series Voyager Welle 6 – SS-38 Optimus Prime (Bumblebee Movie)
Studio Series Voyager Welle 7 – SS-43 KSI Boss
Studio Series Voyager – SS-32 Battle Damaged Revenge Of The Fallen Megatron
Studio Series Leader Welle 3 – SS-44 Dark Of The Moon Jetwing Optimus Prime

01-Studio-Series-Hightower-Packaging-Art 02-Studio-Series-Dropkick-Packaging-Art 03-Studio-Series-Optimus-Prime-Packaging-Art 04-Studio-Series-Rampage-Packaging-Art 05-Studio-Series-KSI-Boss-Packaging-Art 06-Studio-Series-Battle-Damaged-Megatron-Packaging-Art 07-Studio-Series-Battle-Damaged-Megatron-Packaging-Art 08-Studio-Series-DOTM-Optimus-Prime-Packaging-Art 09-Studio-Series-DOTM-Optimus-Prime-Packaging-Art


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Takara Tomy Studio Series Devastator

TF-Real Movies Hier haben wir erste Informationen zum kommenden Takara Tomy Studio Series Devastator. Wir haben die Größenangaben zu folgenden Constructicons:

Mixmaster Voyager
Scrapper Voyager
Overload Leader
Scavenger Leader


Quelle: NOTRAB

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Takara Tomy Studio Series Shatter, Scrapmetal, Cogman, Rampage und Optimus Prime

TF-Real Movies Jetzt können wir euch die Bilder zu den Takara Tomy Studio Series Figuren SS-29 Shatter, SS-32 Scrapmetal, SS-31 Cogman, SS-33 Rampage und SS-30 Optimus Prime zeigen. Dabei sind Bilder, auf denen man sieht, wie Scrapmetal und Rampage zum Combiner Devastator gehören.

SS29-001-1 SS29-002-1 SS30-001-1 SS30-002-1 SS31-001-1 SS31-002-1 SS31-003-1 SS32-001-1 SS32-002-1 SS32-005-1 SS33-001-1 SS33-002-1 SS33-003-1 SS33-006-1


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Takara Studio Series SS-36 Drift

TF-Real Movies Hier haben wir neue Bilder vom Takara Studio Series SS-36 Drift. Diese Figur basiert auf dem The Last Knight Movie und kommt mit einem Baby Dinobot aus der Schrottplatz Szene.

SS-Drfit-01 SS-Drift-02 SS-Drift-03 SS-Drift-04 SS-Drift-05 SS-Drift-06 SS-Drift-07 SS-Drift-08 SS-Drift-09 SS-Drift-10 SS-Drift-11 SS-Drift-12 SS-Drift-13 SS-Drift-14 SS-Drift-15


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