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Generations War For Cybertron Siege Smokescreen

TF-Generations Hier können wir euch ein erstes Bild vom Generations War For Cybertron Siege Smokescreen zeigen.



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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys The Buffalo is ready for battle!!! The Diaclone DA-37 Strike Buffalo is now available to pre-order and due 3rd quarter 2019 -…/diaclone-da-37-strike-buffalo…


Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys

Hasbro UK Transformers Update - Due to the drip feed style of deliveries we now currently have Transformers Siege Wave 2 Prowl in stock, Ironhide and Sixgun processing and Bumblebee Movie Voyager Optimus Prime due next Monday due to a Hasbro system error! We know many of you guys who pre-ordered have bundles waiting for everything to be in stock and its as frustrating for you as it is for us. Our admin has been working overtime to get through sporadic invoicing and cancellations but there is some light at the end of the tunnel with the remaining items due in towards the end of April.

We always like to keep customers in the know and going forward we will now be using Hasbro UK as little as possible, maybe in the future when they have things settled we may try again but for the time being things are almost unworkable from a pre-sale point of view and ultimately it is you the customer that ends up unhappy which is unacceptable.

We want you to be happy so will be working our socks off to bring back our old service levels and product offerings, prices may be slightly higher but the stock will be guaranteed and available on time with minimal disruption.



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Neue Angebote bei Gerrut Camaro

Gerrut Camaro

Some restocks on route to HQ;

Studio Series SS38 Optimus Prime & SS37 Rampage, Siege Pteraxadon & Aimless

Getting the first batch of Siege Wave 2 deluxes and voyagers has turned to be a real pain.

I am not sure what hasbro's up to but things are getting ridiculous. My sales rep has really dropped the ball on this and i want to thank everyone that placed a pre order for their patience... He swears that they should 'arrive soon' but untill i get their 'in stock now' notice i won't know when that exactly is.

*End rant

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TF Robots Upcoming Fans Toys FT-31A Roadking [end of April] - only a few left for pre order @

Only a few War of Cybertron Siege Voyager Starscream left. Shop here for more Siege Wave 2 Transformers: [Second restock of Voyager Soundwave expected in May]

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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys A blast from the past is back in stock at a great price ! Transformers Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus & Minimus Ambus just £29.99, find him here -…/transformers-combiner-wars-le…


IDW Comic Transformers ( 2019 ) #3

TF-Comics Hier ist die kleine Vorschau zum IDW Comic Transformers ( 2019 ) #3.

High above Cybertron, the planet’s inner moon unfolds to become a gigantic energon harvester, a magnificent show for Bumblebee and his new friend. Meanwhile, Megatron is assembling a new security force, but rumors abound about the new team.

00-Transformers-3-ITunes-Preview 01-Transformers-3-ITunes-Preview 02-Transformers-3-ITunes-Preview 03-Transformers-3-ITunes-Preview

Quelle: ITunes

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Takara Tomy Mall Generations Select Star Convoy

TF-Generations Hier haben wir neue Bilder vom Takara Tomy Mall Generations Select Star Convoy. Auf den Bildern ist die neue Matrix zu sehen, die komplett aus Chrom ist.

Star-Convoy-00 Star-Convoy-01 Star-Convoy-02 Star-Convoy-03 Star-Convoy-04 Star-Convoy-05 Star-Convoy-06 Star-Convoy-07

Quelle: Takara Tomy

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Neue Angebote bei TF Robots

TF Robots In stock now

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Transformers Masterpiece MP-43 Beast Wars Megatron
KFC Toys Posable Hand Upgrade Kits Restock
Transformers Masterpiece MP-34 Cheetor
Newage – H6 Max Green
Make Toys Cross Dimension – MTCD05 Buster Skywing
Newage – NA H3 Harry
Unique Toys – UT – R-02 Challenger 2nd Release
BeastBOX BB06 Rhyoen and BB07 Behemoth
Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege Voyager Class Wave 2
Flame Toys – Transformers – Shattered Glass Drift
ToyWorld – TW-C07P Constructor Full Set of 6 Figures – LE


DX9 D05 – Chigurh
Magic Square – MS-01B – Light Of Freedom – Black and MS-01X – Light Of Freedom – Metallic
Transformers Masterpiece Movie Series – MPM-9 Jazz
DX9 Toys – DX9-D08 – Gewalt
Mastermind Creations – Reformatted Series – R-39 Ebrius & Gravus Two Pack
Xtransbots – MM-VIII Arkose
Zeta Toys – EX-07 Traveller
Master Made – ST-06 – Caesar – Statue Series
X-Transbots – MX-15 Deathwish and MX-16 Overheat
Newage – H7 McCoy and H8 Miller
Zeta Toys – ZA-06 Bruticon Set of 5 Figures

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