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Studio Series SS-29 Dark of The Moon Sideswipe

TF-Real Movies Jetzt können wir euch die Bilder vom Takara Studio Series SS-29 Dark of The Moon Sideswipe zeigen. Dieser Mold basiert auf einer Corvette Stingray.

Studio-Series-29-DOTM-Sideswipe-01 Studio-Series-29-DOTM-Sideswipe-02 Studio-Series-29-DOTM-Sideswipe-03 Studio-Series-29-DOTM-Sideswipe-04 Studio-Series-29-DOTM-Sideswipe-05 Studio-Series-29-DOTM-Sideswipe-06 Studio-Series-29-DOTM-Sideswipe-07 Studio-Series-29-DOTM-Sideswipe-08 Studio-Series-29-DOTM-Sideswipe-09 Studio-Series-29-DOTM-Sideswipe-10 Studio-Series-29-DOTM-Sideswipe-11 Studio-Series-29-DOTM-Sideswipe-12

Quelle: TF-Factory

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Studio Series Optimus Prime, Bonecrusher, Dark Of The Moon Megatron & Jetfire

TF-Real Movies Hier haben wir die Verpackungsbilder von den Takara Transformers Studio Series 2019 Figuren SS-32 Optimus Prime, SS-33 Bonecrusher, SS-34 Dark Of The Moon Megatron und SS-35 Revenge Of The Fallen Jetfire.

01-Studio-Series-SS-32-Optimus-Prime-Packaging 02-Studio-Series-SS-33-Bonecrusher-Packaging 03-Studio-Series-SS-34-DOTM-Megatron-Packaging 04-Studio-Series-SS-35-ROTF-Jetfire-Packaging

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Neue Angebote bei TF Robots

TF Robots New pre orders available @
- Hasbro SS-32 Optimus Prime:
- Hasbro SS-33 Bonecrusher:
- Hasbro SS-34 Megatron:
- Hasbro SS-35 Jetfire:
Fans Toys FT-28 Hydra will be released soon. Pre order here:

47574798-1978377352210028-8547029002584326144-n 47574979-1976539799060450-4648326801041391616-n 47580499-1978377285543368-1865689134312456192-n 47580521-1978377278876702-5664807116028772352-n 47685649-1978377268876703-7623596761768001536-n

Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys


The brand new Captain Marvel Kree Sentry is now available to pre-order here -

King Pin Spider-Man singles have also been added including the mighty Night Thrasher!! he thrashes the night don't you know!

Transformers Retro Pop Highway has been added to the sale here -…

All our current Black Friday deals will be ending soon and replaced with some new items for the run up to Xmas, check them all out here -

47391783-2147346971952154-5411429579145347072-n 47572674-2147344195285765-2667293296337879040-n

Shatter und Dropkick - Das erste Mal Triple Changer im Film

TF-Real Movies Im Kommenden Bumblebee Movie wird es zum ersten Mal Triple Changer in einem Transformers Movie geben, Hier haben wir ein Video mit Kommentaren dazu.

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Neue Angebote bei TF Robots

TF Robots A lot of new items are expected to be in stock in December:

47277791-1975362335844863-5558164048731701248-n 47316031-1975356065845490-365635414926557184-n 47483504-1975357652511998-5898184222870339584-n 47489378-1975356052512158-5204126527268061184-n 47572221-1975354742512289-485372793832079360-n 47579425-1975356059178824-6952316037945622528-n 47579536-1975361732511590-2289934433169440768-n 47580549-1975353779179052-7121340945416585216-n 47684230-1975354375845659-6965328727995580416-n 47685658-1975357432512020-5560042993844486144-n 48051432-1975356822512081-1165751018596597760-n

Bumblebee Movie - Exklusive Vorpremiere

TF-Real Movies Gestern lief in Berlin die exklusive Vorpremiere zu Bumblebee Movie. Hier haben wir ein Video in dem einige Stimmen dazu abgegeben werden.

Quelle: Paramount.Pictures

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Bumblebee Movie - Neue TV-Spots

TF-Real Movies Jetzt können wir euch zwei neue TV Spots zum kommenden Bumblebee Movie zeigen.

Quelle: Paramount Pictures France

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Fans Hobby MB-08 Double Evil (G1 Overlord)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier haben wir die ersten Test Bilder in Farbe vom Fans Hobby MB-08 Double Evil. Er ist eine Hommage an den G1 Overlord.

Fans-Hobby-MB-08-Double-Evil-01 Fans-Hobby-MB-08-Double-Evil-02 Fans-Hobby-MB-08-Double-Evil-03 Fans-Hobby-MB-08-Double-Evil-04 Fans-Hobby-MB-08-Double-Evil-05 Fans-Hobby-MB-08-Double-Evil-06 Fans-Hobby-MB-08-Double-Evil-07 Fans-Hobby-MB-08-Double-Evil-08 Fans-Hobby-MB-08-Double-Evil-09 Fans-Hobby-MB-08-Double-Evil-10 Fans-Hobby-MB-08-Double-Evil-11 Fans-Hobby-MB-08-Double-Evil-12 Fans-Hobby-MB-08-Double-Evil-13 Fans-Hobby-MB-08-Double-Evil-14

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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys

NEW ARRIVALS NOW IN STOCK Fortnite, Ghostbusters, Iron Factory, Transformers & Star Wars!

1) Black Series Hoth 2 Pack…/star-wars-the-black-series-ho…

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